Top 6 Low Tech Solutions To High Tech Problems



Numerous individuals accept cutting edge issues require innovative arrangements. It’s not exactly so. Complex advances now and again require straightforward, low-tech arrangements that may cost close to nothing.Cheap here doesn’t mean second rate since these arrangements are regularly better compared to the more costly, innovative arrangements. This rundown is proof that the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) standard is in some cases the most ideal approach. As the standard states, most things work best when they are kept straightforward.

Ostrich feathers and carmakers

Carmakers put a ton of exertion into guaranteeing your new vehicle carries out of their processing plants with a flawless paintjob. That is the reason they vigorously put resources into cutting edge gear like innovative artwork stations, modern robots and ostrich feathers. Did we simply say ostrich feathers? Indeed, female ostrich feathers actually.The littlest residue molecule can obliterate the best paintjob and nobody realizes that better than carmakers. This is the reason they differentiate their composition divisions from the primary industrial facility. They even impact laborers and guests to the work of art divisions with air to eliminate dust and free fiber that might be holding tight their clothes.However, that isn’t sufficient since minute residue particles actually discover their direction in and stick on vehicles anticipating painting. Carmakers dispose of these particles by running the vehicles through goliath dusters made out of female ostrich feathers just before painting.[1]

Angled runways and aircraft carriers

In the event that you’ve seen an overhead photograph of a cutting edge plane carrying warship or even seen one very close, you will see the runway is constantly calculated and never straight. This differences with the World War II time plane carrying warships that had straight runways. For what reason is this so?This closely relates to the innovation of the stream motor. The Second Great War period transporters conveyed propeller-driven planes, which required more limited runways to take-off and land. This implied the transporters could dispatch and recuperate planes all the while. In any case, this changed when stream fueled planes came along.Jet motors require longer runways for take-off or landing. This implied the transporters were either dispatching or recuperating planes and couldn’t do both simultaneously. In addition, landing jets that missed the capturing wire (which helps in quickly decelerating a setting down plane) would not have sufficient runway space to taxi and take-off to endeavor another landing.One answer for these issues was to construct bigger plane carrying warships with longer runways. This idea was thrown away in light of the fact that it didn’t take care of all the previously mentioned issues. A subsequent idea was to leave setting down planes drifting over the transporter while different planes took off. In any case, this also was deserted on the grounds that planes don’t convey enough fuel.The third choice was to shift the runways on existing transporters to boost runway space. The calculated runways were longer and settled each issue the naval force had with more limited airways.[3]

Xbox 360 controllers and nuclear submarines

A periscope is one of the characterizing highlights of a submarine. It’s that tube-like instrument submariners use to see above water while lowered. Periscopes have seen an overhaul of late and have advanced from the customary cylinder like shaft with 45-degree mirrors into high-goal cameras that can see 360 degrees over the submarine.The US Navy utilizes these cutting edge periscopes in its most recent Virginia-class atomic controlled submarines. In any case, this cutting edge gear has the most low-tech controls ever, the Xbox 360 controller.The utilization of Xbox regulators in US Navy submarines is a new turn of events. Until a couple of years prior, the naval force controlled its computerized periscopes with $38,000 joysticks. It just traded them for Xbox regulators after junior officials whined the joysticks were gigantic, hefty and required broad training.Xbox 360 regulators then again, cost around $39.95 each. They’re light, simple to utilize and don’t need broad preparing. They’re additionally simple to supplant since they can be bought from the closest game store.[5]

Rats and landmines

Landmines are a colossal issue in previous disaster areas. Considering they possibly detonate when a person or thing steps on them, they can stay dynamic for quite a long time, even long after the conflict is finished. Consistently, a huge number of individuals lose their lives in the wake of stepping on failed to remember landmines.Finding and deactivating these landmines is an extremely challenging and perilous work, even with bomb location gear. A few associations supplant the bomb location gear with bomb identification canines however these canines are regularly costly to ship and muddled to use.In 1997, an enemy of landmine NGO called APOPO stepped in with a less expensive and better arrangement, rodents. These aren’t your ordinary metro rodents however the African monster pouched rodent, which are pretty much as extensive as felines. The rodents have awful visual perception yet fantastic feeling of smell, which they use to identify the TNT in the landmines.African goliath pouched rodents are quicker and better than people and canines. A rodent will cover 2,000 square feet in only 20 minutes. A human furnished with bomb indicators will cover a similar distance in four days. The rodents are likewise light enough to stroll over landmines without setting off them. APOPO’s rodents have identified more than 13,200 landmines in a few nations so far.[7]

Speed tape and airplanes

We as a whole realize planes require normal support since pilots can’t stop on the closest cloud at whatever point they run into issues. Nonetheless, upkeep is a major word here since it could allude to something as essential as holding the plane along with speed tape.Think of speed tape as the conduit tape for planes. Like conduit tape, they can fix everything despite the fact that flying specialists restrict them to holding noncritical pieces of the plane together. They’re viewed as a transitory arrangement and the issue will be typically figured out the following time the plane goes into maintenance.Speed tape costs a couple hundreds to thousands of dollars. While that may appear to be costly, it is less expensive when contrasted with the large numbers or even great many dollars carriers will lose in case planes were removed from administration each time they have issues.[9]

iPhones and the US Army Special Operations Command

The US Army Special Operations Command utilizes many specific versatile applications during top military activities. Notwithstanding, rather than creating costly gadgets to deal with those applications, they went to a less expensive other option, iPhones.While we don’t have the foggiest idea what most of these applications do, we are aware of one that utilizes the split screen highlight of the iPhone. The administrator sees a live film shot from a flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on one piece of the screen and a guide showing the course taken by the UAV on the other.A Business Insider report uncovered the military recently utilized Android-controlled Samsung Galaxy Note cell phones prior to changing to the iPhone 6s. The switch was fundamental in light of the fact that the applications regularly froze on Samsung, continually requiring the administrators to restart the gadget. What’s more, the iPhone 6s likewise would do well to screen goal, which made photographs and recordings sharper.Before this transforms into another Samsung-iPhone, Android-iOS or Google-Apple war, we should add that the Department of Defense pitched the more established Samsung telephones it was utilizing at the time against the more up to date iPhone 6s during tests.[6]