Top 6 Ways To Get Banned From A Disney Or Universal Theme Park



With regards to amusement parks, they don’t come any greater or more renowned than the ones possessed by Disney and Universal. The two organizations have properties all throughout the planet. In 2019 alone, more than 200 million individuals visited either a Disney or Universal resort!But here’s an inquiry: How would you get forever restricted from one of their amusement parks? We should take a gander at 6 models. That way, you can gain from others’ mix-ups . . . we trust.

Filming Backstage

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, covers roughly 27,000 sections of land of land. In 2013, vlogger Adam the Woo was prohibited from the whole property.The reason?Disney is unquestionably defensive of its image. They value their appearance. Individuals are free to take photos and recordings of whatever’s “dramatic” (which are things proposed to be seen by the general population).

In any case, they protest individuals catch pictures of things that are assigned to be “behind the stage.” Disney felt that few of Adam the Woo’s recordings showed places considered to be “behind the stage,” so they restricted him for life.Speaking in a video blog soon after being prohibited, Adam said: “I’ve done some sort of strange things that Disney disagreed with . . . however, nothing as I would see it that would be named as wrong.”Luckily, the story has a glad completion. After fans appealed to for the boycott to be lifted and legal advisors tested the underlying prohibiting choice, Adam was permitted to return in 2015.

Using Flags, Signs, Or Banners

Amusement parks all throughout the planet approach security exceptionally in a serious way, none more so than Disney. In 2018, a man named Dion Cini was for all time prohibited from all Walt Disney World properties for over and again waving huge signs while riding different attractions. He streaked a sign saying “Trump 2020” on Splash Mountain and another expression “Keep America Great” on Expedition Everest.[3]These sorts of things could harm different visitors. Notwithstanding rehashed admonitions, be that as it may, Cini would not quit waving his signs. Disney remarked that the restricting was not a policy centered issue. Maybe, it had to do with Cini’s reluctance to observe the principles.


We will bounce over to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, for this disaster. Two families were restricted from the Disneyland amusement park for taking part in a fistfight at Toontown before numerous families and their kids.The squabble emitted when one man spat in another man’s face outside Goofy’s Playhouse. After a short time, clench hands were tossed. As indicated by certain reports, one lady may have been left oblivious for a short time.Smartphone film of the terrible fight advanced onto the Internet. The two families included were immediately catapulted from the recreation center and requested never to return.

Making Inappropriate Comments

As referenced before, nobody likes to stand by, particularly at Disney. In any case, when it occurs, it’s best that you don’t begin making improper jokes. Disney fan David Swindler tracked down that out the most difficult way possible in 2015.As he became progressively restless with the “moderate” representatives working at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Swindler commented that he might have fabricated a meth lab in his room in the time it took for him to be served. This unseemly remark brought about his lodging being assaulted by the police in the evening and his family being catapulted from the property.Commenting regarding the matter to nearby news station WFTV, Swindler said, “In all honesty, I’m somewhat annoyed at individuals who went overboard to this that work for Disney. Ideally, someone in the higher-up framework will go, ‘This isn’t what’s going on with Disney.’ “[7]Luckily, just David Swindler got a lasting boycott. His family is allowed to return.

Being Racist

A gathering of four sightseers going to Universal Orlando’s Passholder Appreciation Day were for all time kicked out of the recreation center in 2019 for making bigoted signals while riding the Revenge of the Mummy crazy ride. The gathering was captured on the roller coaster while giving Nazi salutes and holding up racial oppression signs.The picture advanced onto the Internet before in the end going to the consideration of Universal leaders. The offenders were immediately found and given long lasting restrictions from the Universal Orlando resort.In an assertion after the occurrence, Universal said, “Disdain has no spot here—and we have no capacity to bear any presentation of contempt inside our objective. [ . . . ] Any visitor utilizing disdain discourse or showing disdain images will be quickly eliminated from our objective and not permitted to return.”


Not exclusively did vlogger Adam the Woo end up prohibited from Walt Disney World in 2013, however in 2017, he likewise got an endless restriction from Universal Orlando. Adam shot a few recordings in 2012 in which he wandered into deserted and deterred structures (counting the Nickelodeon Studios) situated on the Universal property.[6]He was apprehended during the initial festivals of the Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon ride and accompanied from the property by security. While the boycott actually remains in Florida, Adam the Woo is allowed to visit Universal Studios Hollywood in his home province of California.