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Why Create A Outline Blog Post?

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Before we dive into creating a blog outline, let’s re-evaluate why it’s essential.

To get you within the right mindset, i would like you to believe these questions for a moment:

Do you struggle to urge your ideal audience to read your blog content?

Do you struggle with picking topics to write down about?

Is the writing process painful for you?

Are you inconsistent in writing blog content?

Do you miss deadlines?

Are you getting a coffee click rate on your lead magnets in your blog content?

Do you need more readers?

Are you unorganized?

Does your blog content get first page rankings on Google?

Are you even marketing your blog posts?
These are many problems that I even have personally experienced and trust me. i do know how bad it sucks.

When I first started writing blogs for our company back in 2016, it had been a reasonably overwhelming process. I found myself overwhelmed daily. i used to be missing deadlines and never knew what to write down about.

I just couldn’t continue , and that i was miserable.

We tried dozens of various processes before we found something that worked magically for us. It took us years to urge this process to run smoothly for everybody involved.

And when it worked, it really worked.

This process has helped our blog grow from 0 readers to around 30,000 readers a month. That number remains drastically increasing a day .